Monday, November 21, 2011


I’m a senior in high school, a lot of my friends are really into politics but I don’t really give a shit. A couple of months ago they were like dude did you see Obama’s speech about BP last night? “Wait a second, our president gave a whole speech about beer pong?”  They’re like “You’re an idiot” “Fuck yeah I am. How did I not hear about this? Is he going to make it an Olympic sport or something? I should try out.”

Monday, October 17, 2011

Realize this.

Don't you pot smokers hate when someone yells "hey stop smoking around me, Im not trying to die young...." Seriously? What an absurd statement to even think about making. We all need to inform the adolescent minds and mature eternal HATERS.

People always seem to question why Pot is considered an illegal substance, even thought it is a natural organism. The so called "facts" that our government expresses about marijuana are many but are they actually negatively effecting us or the big company's.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Listen Up

Another day another bong rip. Its C Phreez Check Him OUT =D

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Just burnt down a good 2 boxes of Strawberry Swisher Sweet fill with that potent =D
Dont think i could feel any better haha.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wheres it at e hittin licks

I Got A Bitch In The Back, Gotta A Hoe In The Front
Got Purp In The Dutch, Got Purp In The Cup
I Tell Her, Get Ya Money Hoe Or Just Stop Breathing
Cuz If It Aint About That Doe It Aint About Me Neither
See A Gangsta Like Myself I Get That Paper And Pussy
Than That One I Make That Pussy Bring That Paper Straight To Me
Bitch! You Lookin At A Real Pimp Ask My Old Hoe
And They'Ll Tell Ya No Remote I Control Hoes
Im A Hold On Give You That Game Moma
If Ya Aint Payin Than You Shouldn'T Be Playin Im Sayin
Broke Niggaz Only Make Jokes Nigga
I Make More Than I Can Fit In This Quote Nigga
Unquote Come Sun Soak Wit Me Bitch
Fly Ya Down Here And Put You On Some South Beach Shit
And If You Smile At My Bitch I'Ll Make Her Smile Back... 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jet lyfe get ^^^^

These lil niggas
Got no idea
Bout how I got here
Hard road traveled
Nigga blood sweat gravel
I done seen niggas battle
Knew the dirt and neva tattled
OG's know im solid
Imma concrete statue
Never got an earring, gold teeth, nor a tattoo
Wolf in sheeps clothes
Curren$y in creep mode
Even though it's strength in numbers
I tend to fall back in my world
Without my brothas
Figure out what my purpose on this earth is
Because I kno it got to be about more
Than stuntin and fuckin whores
I done drove every car
And bought everything out the store
Crib with marble floors
But i still get bored
I figure that I escape the madness
Cuz im rappin
But im just as stressed out as my lil homie who trappin
Smoke and got asthma
And i kno thats ass backwards
Fly and spit fire Im a dragon