Monday, November 21, 2011


I’m a senior in high school, a lot of my friends are really into politics but I don’t really give a shit. A couple of months ago they were like dude did you see Obama’s speech about BP last night? “Wait a second, our president gave a whole speech about beer pong?”  They’re like “You’re an idiot” “Fuck yeah I am. How did I not hear about this? Is he going to make it an Olympic sport or something? I should try out.”

Monday, October 17, 2011

Realize this.

Don't you pot smokers hate when someone yells "hey stop smoking around me, Im not trying to die young...." Seriously? What an absurd statement to even think about making. We all need to inform the adolescent minds and mature eternal HATERS.

People always seem to question why Pot is considered an illegal substance, even thought it is a natural organism. The so called "facts" that our government expresses about marijuana are many but are they actually negatively effecting us or the big company's.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Listen Up

Another day another bong rip. Its C Phreez Check Him OUT =D

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Just burnt down a good 2 boxes of Strawberry Swisher Sweet fill with that potent =D
Dont think i could feel any better haha.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wheres it at e hittin licks

I Got A Bitch In The Back, Gotta A Hoe In The Front
Got Purp In The Dutch, Got Purp In The Cup
I Tell Her, Get Ya Money Hoe Or Just Stop Breathing
Cuz If It Aint About That Doe It Aint About Me Neither
See A Gangsta Like Myself I Get That Paper And Pussy
Than That One I Make That Pussy Bring That Paper Straight To Me
Bitch! You Lookin At A Real Pimp Ask My Old Hoe
And They'Ll Tell Ya No Remote I Control Hoes
Im A Hold On Give You That Game Moma
If Ya Aint Payin Than You Shouldn'T Be Playin Im Sayin
Broke Niggaz Only Make Jokes Nigga
I Make More Than I Can Fit In This Quote Nigga
Unquote Come Sun Soak Wit Me Bitch
Fly Ya Down Here And Put You On Some South Beach Shit
And If You Smile At My Bitch I'Ll Make Her Smile Back... 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jet lyfe get ^^^^

These lil niggas
Got no idea
Bout how I got here
Hard road traveled
Nigga blood sweat gravel
I done seen niggas battle
Knew the dirt and neva tattled
OG's know im solid
Imma concrete statue
Never got an earring, gold teeth, nor a tattoo
Wolf in sheeps clothes
Curren$y in creep mode
Even though it's strength in numbers
I tend to fall back in my world
Without my brothas
Figure out what my purpose on this earth is
Because I kno it got to be about more
Than stuntin and fuckin whores
I done drove every car
And bought everything out the store
Crib with marble floors
But i still get bored
I figure that I escape the madness
Cuz im rappin
But im just as stressed out as my lil homie who trappin
Smoke and got asthma
And i kno thats ass backwards
Fly and spit fire Im a dragon

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who has 5?

I do it
D townn
Boyyy, hey
OK, I’m smoking loudly I woke them all
I pick up that tree, when it’s not fall
I’m gone off that tree, when it’s not tall
I’m in love with tree, I’m a avatar
I pick up a O from, my nigga Ralphy
My bro and me, but he is not alphy
Gone off that goo punch, it makes me drowsy
Roll up the windows, it makes it cloudy, Damnnn, if you ain’t know
I made these girl nice smoke paper and bowls
My ladies like blunts, hit ‘em twice if not once
Then I blow ‘em off and just pass ‘em to my bros
Now catch you gettin’ brain if a nigga not learnin’
I be spending money if a nigga not earnin’
Catch me in the backseat if I’m not stirrin’
And I be rollin’ up if a nigga not burnin’ boyy 

Saturday, September 3, 2011


One for the money, yes sir, two for the show
But I ain’t steppin on the stage until they count up all my cash flow
Oh man, then your man’s going Twilight Zone
Want to be left along, again at home, listenin’ to Soulja Slim
I spread that dough out, rolling pins slice it up
With my closest friends as the grimey globe spins, I’m grinding
Trying to keep dirt off my rims and my name
Out c’here stay popping up at the red carpet
In my green Tahoe, with my Las Vegas bitch and one of your hoes
“Hi there!” I like what she working with,
that’s why we hired her
We pull up on the set, tattoo calligraphy letter Jets love
And respect, we passing you the fuck up
And passing you none of my bud that’s why you standing round us bruh!
Oh you accounted for, who brung you You don’t speak the code bro
You slick tone and hung you
You walking down the aisle with the same bitches we run through
I’m in the bank line, empire, I build this for us to eat
Inside is the lunch room, outside is looking wild hungry fool
Shut the door so they don’t see us, light a joint or two..

Im baked

Personally i dont perfer to right on this blogg after rippin the roor, but sometimes you gota do what you gota do. Right now im smokin on that phrost phire and let me tell u ive never been this high b4 =D. (okay i lied) . Whoooooo. So i want you guys to comment if your as baked as me =) 

Are you Addicted?

Am I Addicted to Weed?
Here are some common signs of weed addiction or dependency:
- Withdrawals if weed smoking is stopped
- The need to consume increased amounts of marijuana to achieve the same effect
- Trouble controlling your emotions
- Irritability
- Mood swings
- Difficulty reducing the amount of weed smoked or difficulty quitting weed altogether
- Spending more money or time on smoking pot than you want
- Strong urges over which you have little or no control
- Planning your days, weekends, and social activities around your next high
Of these, what are the most common signs of physical dependency on weed? Increased tolerance and withdrawal are the top two.
Not all pot smokers become physically or psychologically dependent on marijuana. How reliant you become on it is closely linked to how much weed you smoke and how long you have been smoking it for.

Do you think your addicted to Weed

 Check this out

Two of the most regularly asked questions by weed smokers and their concerned loved ones who want them to quit marijuana are: Can you be addicted to weed? and What are weed addiction symptoms?
Here are the answers to these common questions...
The argument over whether marijuana addiction is a reality has grown in recent years, yet despite the fact that weed is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States, scientific knowledge of marijuana addiction is way behind that of other drugs.
As yet there is no conclusive diagnosis for marijuana addiction, yet both animal and human studies have supported the idea of true physical and psychological dependence on marijuana.
The results of these studies is supported by the fact that the number of people seeking out treatment for marijuana addiction is increasingly rising. 

Check The Video Out


regards to Dispensaries.... Get   Phroze

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is your favorite strand? Pick one these are my personal favorites

Phire Phrost- Newest Strand More info to come

Panama Red
Panama Red is perhaps the most famous of the classic marijuana strains, originally grown and mass-cultivated in the country of Panama. Known for it clay-like red color, this classic marijuana strain contained a fairly high THC content and strength, a rare trait for most marijuana of that time. It was known for its strong, intense psychedelic effects. A majority of its production came from the Pearl Islands, a dense, mostly unpopulated group of islands off the coast of Panama.

Immortalized in songs ranging from those of Jerry Garcia to Van Halen, the now-classic Panama Red strain of marijuana began to die off as the profits from manufacturing cocaine within the Latin-American country proved to be much higher. 

Acapulco Gold
Acapulco Gold is a true classic marijuana strain. Many would argue that Acapulco Gold is indeed the Godmother of nearly all current-day sativa strains. It is an extremely potent strain that hails from the rural areas surrounding Acapulco, Mexico. Similarly to Panama Red, it became an icon within 1960s and 70s pot culture. Unsimilar to Panama Red, less-powerful derivatives of this classic strain of marijuana are still cultivated in some remote areas of Mexico.

While harder to verify, many older marijuana enthusiasts still possess seeds of this classic strain from the “olden days,” and the strain’s heirloom plants are still used today in cross-breeding with other strains. 

Hindu Kush
The Kush set of strains, more particularly Hindu Kush, was first brought to the United States in the mid-1970s. Hindu Kush is a classic marijuana strain with origins that tie to Afghanistan and Northern India, with large scale production taking place during this time in the Hindu Kush valleys.

Quite a few strong indica Kush strains are still produced today, ranging from OG Kush to Purple Kush. Nowadays, most Kush strains are suited for indoor growth, a far cry from when original Kush seeds blanketed valley floors for many centuries prior. 
Northern Lights
Many young people will immediately recognize Northern Lights and believe it an exceptional strain that is only available to their generation, but it is undoubtedly a classic marijuana strain. While not quite as potent as the modern alternative, The ORIGINAL Northern Lights Strain(emphasis on original since the term is sold and thrown around easily) dates back to the 1970s state of Washington, and was one of the first successful indica/sativa hybrids ever commercially sold.

    Many of these classic marijuana strains not only serve as a necessary basis for most of the medical marijuana strains of today, but it is living proof that marijuana can be grown throughout the World. Just by detailing a few classic strains of marijuana, we’ve already highlighted four very different parts of the Globe! Marijuana is an amazing plant, and in conjunction with the classic marijuana strains of the past, greater heights will be reached in the future.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Isnt it Medically Positive

Marijuana seems to yield considerable medical benefits for many Americans with ailments ranging from glaucoma to cancer, but these benefits have not been accepted well enough, on a national level. Medical use of marijuana remains a serious national controversy.

In order to fight the argument that marijuana has no medical use, legalization advocates need to highlight the effects it has had on the lives of people who have used the drug for medical reasons.

To hear some advocates of marijuana legalization say it, the drug cures diseases while it promotes creativity, open-mindedness, moral progression, and a closer relationship with God and/or the cosmos. That sounds incredibly foolish, particularly when the public image of a marijuana user is, again, that of a loser who risks arrest and imprisonment so that he or she can artificially invoke an endorphin release.

A much better argument for marijuana legalization, from my vantage point, would go more like this: "It makes some people happy, and it doesn't seem to be any more dangerous than alcohol. Do we really want to go around putting people in prison and destroying their lives over this?"

How does Marijuana Effect US

How Does it Affect You?
A mild hallucinogen, marijuana has some of alcohol’s depressant and disinhibiting properties. User reaction, however, is heavily influenced by expectations and past experience, and many first-time users feel nothing at all.
Effects of smoking are generally felt within a few minutes and peak in 10 to 30 minutes. They include dry mouth and throat, increased heart rate, impaired coordination and balance, delayed reaction time, and diminished short-term memory. Moderate doses tend to induce a sense of well-being and a dreamy state of relaxation that encourages fantasies, renders some users highly suggestible, and distorts perception (making it dangerous to operate machinery, drive a car or boat, or ride a bicycle). Stronger doses prompt more intense and often disturbing reactions including paranoia and hallucinations.
Most of marijuana’s short-term effects wear off within two or three hours. The drug itself, however, tends to linger on. THC is a fat-soluble substance and will accumulate in fatty tissues in the liver, lungs, testes, and other organs. Two days after smoking marijuana, one-quarter of the THC content may still be retained. It will show up in urine tests three days after use, and traces may be picked up by sensitive blood tests two to four weeks later.

Know The Facts First

People always seem to question why Pot is considered an illegal substance, even thought it is a natural organism.

The so called "facts" that our government expresses about marijuana are many but are they actually negatively effecting us or the big company's.

Marijuana has been around for a long while. Its source, the hemp plant (cannabis sativa), was being cultivated for psychoactive properties more than 2,000 years ago.
Although cannabis contains at least 400 different chemicals, its main mind-altering ingredient is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).The amount of THC in marijuana determines the drug’s strength, and THC levels are affected by a great many factors, including plant type, weather, soil, and time of harvest. Sophisticated cannabis cultivation of today produces high levels of THC and marijuana that is far more potent than pot of the past. THC content of marijuana, which averaged less than 1 percent in 1974, rose to an average 4 percent by 1994.