Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jet lyfe get ^^^^

These lil niggas
Got no idea
Bout how I got here
Hard road traveled
Nigga blood sweat gravel
I done seen niggas battle
Knew the dirt and neva tattled
OG's know im solid
Imma concrete statue
Never got an earring, gold teeth, nor a tattoo
Wolf in sheeps clothes
Curren$y in creep mode
Even though it's strength in numbers
I tend to fall back in my world
Without my brothas
Figure out what my purpose on this earth is
Because I kno it got to be about more
Than stuntin and fuckin whores
I done drove every car
And bought everything out the store
Crib with marble floors
But i still get bored
I figure that I escape the madness
Cuz im rappin
But im just as stressed out as my lil homie who trappin
Smoke and got asthma
And i kno thats ass backwards
Fly and spit fire Im a dragon

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