Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wheres it at e hittin licks

I Got A Bitch In The Back, Gotta A Hoe In The Front
Got Purp In The Dutch, Got Purp In The Cup
I Tell Her, Get Ya Money Hoe Or Just Stop Breathing
Cuz If It Aint About That Doe It Aint About Me Neither
See A Gangsta Like Myself I Get That Paper And Pussy
Than That One I Make That Pussy Bring That Paper Straight To Me
Bitch! You Lookin At A Real Pimp Ask My Old Hoe
And They'Ll Tell Ya No Remote I Control Hoes
Im A Hold On Give You That Game Moma
If Ya Aint Payin Than You Shouldn'T Be Playin Im Sayin
Broke Niggaz Only Make Jokes Nigga
I Make More Than I Can Fit In This Quote Nigga
Unquote Come Sun Soak Wit Me Bitch
Fly Ya Down Here And Put You On Some South Beach Shit
And If You Smile At My Bitch I'Ll Make Her Smile Back... 

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