Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Who has 5?

I do it
D townn
Boyyy, hey
OK, I’m smoking loudly I woke them all
I pick up that tree, when it’s not fall
I’m gone off that tree, when it’s not tall
I’m in love with tree, I’m a avatar
I pick up a O from, my nigga Ralphy
My bro and me, but he is not alphy
Gone off that goo punch, it makes me drowsy
Roll up the windows, it makes it cloudy, Damnnn, if you ain’t know
I made these girl nice smoke paper and bowls
My ladies like blunts, hit ‘em twice if not once
Then I blow ‘em off and just pass ‘em to my bros
Now catch you gettin’ brain if a nigga not learnin’
I be spending money if a nigga not earnin’
Catch me in the backseat if I’m not stirrin’
And I be rollin’ up if a nigga not burnin’ boyy 

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